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I offer a wide range of assessment (testing) services. My goal is always to answer your specific referral question(s) using research-based assessment practices in the most efficient manner possible.

The main purpose of all my assessments is to identify the causes of your referral concerns so that clear treatment recommendations can be provided. My goal is to help individuals find treatments that have been shown by research to be effective and to avoid those that have not.

I conduct all testing myself to ensure that I learn about your child as thoroughly as I can. I do not use graduate students or psychometricians to conduct testing for me.

I offer evening hours on Wednesdays in addition to weekend hours so your child will not have to miss important school instruction. 

All evaluations result in a comprehensive report for you to keep. Reports include test scores, my interpretations, and treatment recommendations.

ADHD/ADD Testing

Attention problems are common experiences for many children and adolescents. An attention disorder is one possibility among many that may cause these types of problems. This assessment incorporates research-based methods to carefully examine if ADHD/ADD is the cause of attention problems and any associated executive functioning difficulties.

I also conduct some adult ADHD evaluations. Please call for details and to determine if the fit might be right for these services. 


Learning Disorder (e.g., Dyslexia) Testing

Children and adolescents may experience learning problems in any of the major academic areas, including reading, writing, and math. Dyslexia is the most common learning disorder but there are several others that may potentially explain your child's difficulties. This testing will carefully explore your child's learning difficulties in an effort to understand underlying causes.


ADHD/ADD and Learning Disorder (Combined) Testing

Attention disorders and learning disorders are frequently comorbid, which means they often occur together. This testing will carefully explore for the possible presence of both ADHD/ADD and a learning disorder. 


Autism Spectrum Disorder Testing

Autism is a condition that significantly interferes with social functioning. This testing is for children who experience social difficulties while also engaging in certain patterns of behavior (e.g., inflexibility). This evaluation involves administration of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule Second Edition (ADOS-2), along with a variety of other tests. 


Gifted Testing

This testing consists of the administration of a comprehensive intelligence (IQ) and academic achievement tests. These tests are norm-referenced, meaning they have been previously administered to thousands of children, and will identify if your child falls within the gifted range.


Dyslexia Screening

Dyslexia is the most common of the learning disorders. If your child is experiencing reading or spelling problems, a dyslexia screening might be useful. This testing service is a good way to efficiently determine if dyslexia is possible without committing to a full dyslexia evaluation.


Academic Achievement (Reading, Writing, and Math) Testing

This testing is for parents who simply would like to know where their child's academic skills stand. It involves the administration of a comprehensive norm-referenced test measuring all major aspects of reading, writing, and math. 


Other Testing

A variety of other testing services are available, particularly related to emotional functioning (e.g., anxiety and mood-related issues). Please contact me about the possibility of testing services not specifically mentioned above.

Contact Me for a Free Consultation

Please contact me for a free consultation to determine if these services might be right for you. Please also feel free to contact me for pricing information. 

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